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844.4MIDLEA (844.464.3532)

MIDLEA was created to offer the same quality K9 Teams that our Federal Government and U.S. Military utilizes. Realizing that level of protection should be offered to local municipalities and private industry, a group of active police officers and K9 Handlers that are federally trained and annually certified by DHS (Department of Homeland Security), launched MIDLEA LLC.


MIDLEA is the only licensed K9 Training Academy in the Midwest that trains and certifies dogs and K9 Teams in conventional searches (stationary explosive odor) and PSC - Person Screening Canine (moving subjects containing explosive odor). The standard at which our handlers are held to is second to none.

Concept & Vision

MIDLEA's security concept is simple. We provide cutting edge tactics and personnel while maintaining “old fashioned” work ethics and values. When the decision is made to find a company that provides potential “life saving” services, we are compelled to seek out the very highest quality available. The litmus test that MIDLEA uses is, "are we providing a service that keeps our families safe?" That is what MIDLEA, LLC offers and delivers.




Our mission is to provide our clients with service that seamlessly compliments their operations and objectives. To continue to evolve along with current threats and technologies. To continue to deliver the highest levels of ethics, professionalism and experience. To provide strategic assessments, creative solutions and responsive services.



844.4MIDLEA (844.464.3532)

MIDLEA has become a “best in class” security solution and has been chosen by Chicago's professional sports teams and venues to deploy our K9 Services for Explosive Detection. Due to our unique integrated services along with the foresight and willingness to evolve with the needs of our clients, MIDLEA is able to provide detailed assessments and execution of security plans tailored to the needs of our clients. We work seamlessly with those clients to provide a full-scale security operation. MIDLEA offers services that create partnerships; an additional branch to your company and security team.


MIDLEA, LLC is the first security company in the country that provides EDC Teams to EVERY Professional Sports team in a Major City. Chicago is unique in that we have Football (Bears), Soccer (Fire), Hockey (BlackHawks), Basketball (Bulls), as well as two Baseball Teams (Cubs & Sox). Other notable clients (Northwestern University, Ravinia, Live Nation, Tinley Park Amphitheatre, Northerly Island, Six Flags, Allstate Arena, BMO Harris Bank Center)

Explosive Detection


K9 Detection (any odor) is a perishable skill. It is not the quality of the dog alone, it is the dog’s drive; his desire for a reward. It is knowing how to navigate limitless number of variables associated with K9 Detection. Above all else, it is the experience of the handler that allows them to read the dogs COB (change of behavior). This expert craft takes years and years to cultivate. It is literally the difference of finding explosives when they are present and NOT finding explosives when they are not. Unfortunately, the first time an organization has to shut down their venue because a dog responded to a “novel odor,” this statement will become exceeding clear.



An absolute must for security personnel and business owners of high profile venues.  Our courses teach your staff to identify explosive devices and components as well as offender/ terrorist behavior.  Our bomb techs have taught their craft to “first responders” nationally for over 10 years!  MIDLEA now offers these seminars to the private sector.  Educating individuals and companies cultivates a safer environment for everyone! Call for a consultation and quote.



Explosive Awareness Seminar
Dignitary Protection

MIDLEA provides dignitary (executive) protection to political figures, corporate executives, professional athletes, and celebrities. Additionally, our ODOs have the ability to travel and stay with clients that require constant coverage. Why not use police officers/combat veterans that have been tasked with the highest levels of protection details? Personal protection assignments can be conducted as a discreet, covert operation or as an overwhelming security presence.




844.4MIDLEA (844.464.3532)



Illinois Security Agency License 122.00xxxx
Illinois Security Contractor License 119.00xxxx
Illinois Private Detective License 115.00xxxx

Illinois K9 Training Received From 264.00xxxx
Illinois K9 Handler Training Course 265.00xxxx

Illinois K9 Trainer Card 266.00xxxx

Illinois K9 Handler Card 267.00xxxx

Illinois Explosive Transport License 00056xx

Minnesota Protective Agency License 2077

Wisconsin Department of Safety and Professional

Services License 17274 - xx

Federal Training & Annual Certification

ATF Federal Explosive License 3-ILxxxx
(Available upon request)




U.S. Department of Justice F.B.I. SWAT Operator
Illinois Law Enforcement Officer Certification
U.S. DHS Certified K9 Handler/Trainer
Certified Simunitions Instructor
Department of Natural Resources
(Explosives Transport License)
New Mexico Tech's
(Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings)
Chicago Police Department
(Terrorism Awareness & Response)
Department of Homeland Security
(Deterrence of Terrorist Acts and Awareness Level)
State of Illinois
(Anti-Terrorism Training for LEOs)
United States Police Canine Association
(Post Blast Searches for Explosives)
US Department of Homeland Security
(National WMD Awareness Program)
State of Illinois
(L.E. Medical & Rescue Training)




(International Association of Bomb 

Technicians and Investigators)

(American Society for Industrial Security)
(United States Police Canine Association)
(International Police Work Dog Association)
(National Rifle Association)
(Illinois State Rifle Association)




Bachelor of Science

Public Safety Management






844.4MIDLEA (844.464.3532)

Fill in your information below along with your questions and thoughts and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you need a faster response, please call MIDLEA toll free at 844.4MIDLEA (844.464.3532) or email info@midlea.com.


844.4MIDLEA (844.464.3532)

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